As much as I hate to ask…..

I need a little help.

I wish I was making a fortune off my arty sonic concoctions but I will never stop. It’s my dharma, my duty, my destiny, my divine calling, my gift to you !!

I hope you appreciate the music I deliver. I am devoted to submitting myself to the musical alchemy I create and conjure.

I’d be a fool to give it all up just because the masses aren’t eating it like dessert melting in the desert.

So that brings me to your doorstep like a pauper with a plea…

I am currently sitting on a couple spectacular (in my opinion) singles, songs, anthems…

One is called “Dog at a Human Party” and the other is titled “We Used to Glow.”

I have demos of both songs but I need to raise some funds to get in a proper studio and produce these to their utmost potential.

And with your help, there will be a video for “Dog at a Human Party.”

With a title like that, you can just imagine how this video will turn out !!

I’ve been sitting on this song and video idea for a couple of years and it’s time. I can’t keep this to myself any longer. The ideas I have are keeping me awake at night.

So what do you say?

Help me bring this to fruition and I promise to not disappoint…


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